The Pace of Innovation is Quickening

Technological advances like artificial intelligence, machine learning, connected condition sensors, and real-time visualization are forcing healthcare organizations to change how they deliver patient care. And at the center of it all is cloud computing.

To keep up with these changes, many healthcare organizations need a partner who shares their values and prioritizes their client’s needs above all else—like Velocity.

Watch Velocity's Senior Vice President of Infor and Healthcare Vickie LeRoux explain the cloud's wide-reaching benefits in the healthcare industry. 

Learn how Velocity can help healthcare organizations and providers adopt and manage a cloud-first strategy. And learn how Velocity can help healthcare organizations access the benefits of cloud computing seamlessly so they can focus on what matters mostproviding better patient care. 

Leverage Our Experience and Expertise

From achieving faster time-to-value to taking responsibility for monitoring and optimizing your entire infrastructure, our cloud services empower you to spend more time caring for your patients—so you're always ahead of the curve. 

Learn more about Infor and its impact on the healthcare industry here! 

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