Six Essential Steps To Execute Your
Cloud Migration.

Cloud computing has become a fact of life for many organizations: providing a scalable, flexible platform that supports organizational agility, automation and analytics, providing a competitive advantage in a demanding, complicated marketplace.


However, migrating a data center to the cloud is an enormous project, and one that will likely be completed only a few times in a technical career.

There are several approaches to cloud migration; the choice of migration strategy will be motivated by the needs of your organization.

We have put together our cloud checklist for migrating.

Our cloud checklist covers the essential migration steps you need to make when executing your cloud migration. 

For example, a large-scale migration of application workloads that must be completed quickly will likely use a rehost (lift-and-shift) cloud migration strategy, where applications are migrated to the cloud and re-architected after.

But if your cloud migration is driven by the need to add features or performance capabilities that are not possible in the existing environment, the company may consider a refactor / re-architect cloud migration strategy.

This migration strategy is where an application is rewritten or restructured prior to your cloud migration to take full advantage of the cloud environment.

For more insights on executing your cloud migration.

Download our cloud migration checklist. 

Download The Full Migration Checklist