How Velocity Eliminated Warehouse Stocking of $1 Million with a Stockless Inventory System

St. Mary’s Medical Center was wasting time and resources on inefficient, manual processes for warehousing, compliance, and employee benefits management. St. Mary’s needed to streamline workflows, manage compliance, and automate employee benefits enrollment to devote resources to patient care, rather than administration.
Case Study - Healthcare Managed Services Solution

Realized Results:

  • Implemented just-in-time inventory system,
  • Eliminated $1 million supplies warehouse
  • Complied with regulatory deadlines including the Affordable Care Act
  • Connected remotely with emergency facility 20 miles away
  • Deployed employee self-service benefit enrollment

Download the case study to learn how Velocity’s Infor Lawson managed services improved the inventory system at St. Mary’s Medical Center to reduce costs.

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