To stay competitive and build stronger business value, organizations today are faced with a challenge:
The need to innovate faster.

That's why more and more companies today are moving their SAP applications to the cloud to take advantage of greater flexibility, better performance, and innovative features.

But how do you know which cloud provider and implementation path to choose? How do you identify the right time to execute a migration? And how can you enlist the right support to efficiently get the job done?

In our "Complete SAP Cloud Services Buyer's Guide," we’ll outline the why, when, and how to map out your cloud migration, so you start making long-term plans for your SAP solution with confidence.


When you download "The Complete SAP Cloud Services Buyer's Guide," you'll learn: 

Cloud Services Drivers: How do you know when it’s time to execute a cloud migration? We break down the five signs it’s time to migrate.

Strategic Considerations: Why should you migrate your SAP systems to the cloud? We dive into the benefits gained by moving your ERP to a cloud environment.

How To Choose Your Migration Path: What path to the cloud makes the most sense for your current SAP solution? Whether you want to move your current ECC 6 solution to the cloud, or use this as an opportunity to upgrade to S/4HANA, you have options.

Selecting the Right Cloud Platform: What cloud solution is best suited for your SAP solution? We outline the different cloud types and the advantages of SAP applications on the public cloud, like Amazon Web Services.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Managed Services Provider:
You’re ready to migrate. Why should you choose a cloud managed services provider? And what should you look for?


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