If there is one phenomenon that is changing the foundation of IT services today, it is the adoption and growth of cloud computing and virtualization.

Growth in cloud computing comes from a belief that the Cloud can, and will, deliver new capabilities and value than traditional IT infrastructures.

IT leaders face a disparate range of priorities. Many technology leaders are hamstrung by a commitment to the daily operations and maintenance of their IT.

Enterprises are facing an unprecedented level of change, brought about by convergence of the major forces of digitalization, globalization and a plethora of disruptive technologies and competitors.


In this video, Sal Jamil, Velocity’s GM of Cloud Services, describes how Velocity enables businesses to leverage the strategic benefits of cloud computing, without the hassle associated with migration.  

In particular, the need for rapid creation, deployment, management, governance and destruction of dynamic application environments has pushed traditional I&O practices beyond their breaking point.

More than ever, businesses need to innovate and respond to their changing environment quickly and appropriately. IT is seen as an integral part of executing their response, but all too often, IT initiatives take too long and deliver too little value.

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