Cloud Service Provider Checklist

What To Look For When Selecting A Cloud MSP.

The selection of a Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The fact is, most people are not cloud experts, and a Cloud MSP brings skills and knowledge that you aren't able to build out on your own. 


Businesses looking to start, scale, and sustain public cloud adoption quickly realize that their success is threatened by their lack of skills, experiences, and tools. As a result, a growing ecosystem of managed and professional services providers exists to fill this void.

However, no two MSPs are identical. Cloud providers with similar service offerings often don’t share the same service features and implementations.

If you’re considering a Cloud MSP, the preceding list is a good starting point for evaluating prospective candidates.

  • What is their level of experience with similar solutions and similar customers, including vertical knowledge if applicable?
  • Can the Cloud MSP support a rapid rate of change (including continuous delivery) and can they routinely work closely with your internal team?
  • Do they have the experts on staff capable of creating a sustainable approach to efficient cloud operations?
  • Is the Cloud MSP capable of providing services to facilitate migration of one or more workloads from the existing data center into the public cloud?
  • What about transformational services as part of the migration, such as replacing database instances with database platform services (refactoring)?
  • How about traditional databases? Can the Cloud MSP effectively manage traditional database instances, as well as database platform services that function as drop-in replacements for self-managed instances?

These are questions you need to ask the Cloud MSP to ensure successful cloud operations for your business. Before your business commits to a Cloud MSP, it needs to know the how the Cloud MSP will support these business categories. 

For more insights on selecting your cloud Managed Service Provider:

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