How Velocity Reduced Costs by 20% for EIS by Automating SAP Environments

During a period of rapid business growth, EIS, a country-wide distributor for process materials, outgrew their data center operations and needed assistance in migrating to the Cloud. To stay aligned with growing business requirements, EIS sought out a cloud serviceEIS_SAP_Cloud_Case_Study_Cover provider to help optimize and automate their SAP environments, eliminate their on-premises data center operations, and reduce their total cost of ownership. So, they turned to Velocity.

Realized Results:

  • 20% savings in infrastructure costs
  • Rapid provisioning of SAP
  • Reassigned three full-time employees to other business needs
  • 96% time savings with optimized reporting processes

Download the case study and discover how Velocity automated an SAP environment resulting in a 20% cost reduction for EIS.



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