When faced with the unexpected, a disaster recovery plan can make all the difference in getting your business back on its feet with minimal disruption.

According to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), 93% of companies that lose their data to unplanned disasters for 10 or more days filed for bankruptcy within one year.  Additionally, it's estimated that a business loses $300,000 every single hour after a massive data loss.
That's why all critical operations should be tied to a contingency plan to reduce or avoid large-scale impact to your business. For operations related to information technology, this is where  a robust disaster recovery comes into play. 
Join Velocity’s VP of Product Management Michael Connolly for our "How to Build a Resilient Business With Disaster Recovery in the Cloud" webinar. You'll learn how you can mitigate risks and reduce downtime with the right disaster recovery plan. You'll also learn how you can overcome the top challenges of implementing and managing a disaster recovery plan with limited resources.

Attend this webinar to learn more about: 

  • The current state of Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • The challenges of implementing and managing a robust DR solution
  • How to develop an effective DR plan and a business impact analysis
  • Traditional on-premises DR vs. DR as Service (DRaaS) in the cloud
  • How to use automated disaster recovery on AWS with CloudEndure for lower TCO

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