Cloud Disaster Recovery

Network outages, power failures, and human error. Without a robust disaster recovery plan in place, all of these things can cause major data loss and application service downtime. 

Yet, despite these risks, disaster recovery remains a low operational priority for many organizations. The redundant hardware, server space, and additional human resources and skill sets required to maintain traditional disaster recovery have made it an expensive and complex option.

To improved business resilience, organizations have turned to a Cloud Disaster Recovery (CDR) solution by blending cloud technology, automation, and our deep application expertise. This gives businesses of all sizes a reliable solution to recover their data and systems in a matter of hours—with lower costs and higher reliability than traditional disaster recovery strategies.

With a CDR solution, you'll benefit from: 

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Download our Solution overview to learn more about: 
  • How Cloud Disaster Recovery solves the challenges of traditional disaster recovery solutions: Cost, rigidity, and complexity have all made traditional on-premises disaster recovery options inaccessible, putting businesses and their data at risk.
  • When to consider a Cloud Disaster Recovery solution: From improving your recovery objectives to consolidating your disaster recovery strategy for multiple applications, we break down common triggers.
  • How a Cloud Disaster Recovery services works: Learn how our proprietary technology instructs an automated large scale orchestration and machine conversion to launch the complete operational application at the secondary site.
  • The benefits of Cloud Disaster Recovery: There's more to CDR than a lower total cost of ownership. We outline all the benefits you can expect from our solution.

Download Cloud DR Solution Overview