Brookdale University Medical Center Grows Confidently with Velocity

Like most digitally transforming healthcare providers, Brookdale has deployed an electronic health records (EHR) system to help doctors better coordinate patient care and to facilitate regulatory compliance. But in 2013, Brookdale’s decision to deploy EPIC in an off-premises, hosted environment in just 10 months was both unusual and highly ambitious.


Challenged by the complexity of the project and the costs of managing EPIC in house, the hospital’s IT team found in Velocity Technology Solutions a partner they could trust.

Through that partnership, Brookdale has developed a "cloud first" strategy, in which the majority of its technology, applications and services are cloud based on the Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform™ (VCAMP™), leveraging both private and public cloud options as part of a highly available, federated solution.

The move reduces costs and enables the hospital to devote more resources to patient-centric service improvements.

Velocity Cloud Services has your digital journey covered.

From simplifying your migration and helping you achieve a faster time-to-value, to taking responsibility for monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing your applications, our services empower your IT teams to spend more time on new initiatives—so you're always ahead of the curve. 

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