Needing more scalable storage and deeper insights from their IT environment, Brewer Science explored a new solution to help them get there: a migration of their E-Business Suite application and database to AWS.

After hosting their applications in a datacenter, Brewer Science needed a more flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient solution to increase their storage.

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To help Brewer Science tap into a more flexible and scalable solution, Velocity provided its Cloud
Managed Application services, executing a “lift-and-shift” migration of Brewer Science’s EBS application server and underlying database to AWS.

Realized Results:

  • A more scalable, stable system that gave Brewer Science freedom to grow alongside business demand.

  • Access to the rich features, services, and functionality of the AWS cloud.

  • Application modernization that stayed within budget.

Download the case study to learn how Velocity modernized Brewer Science's existing EBS solution to help them build a system ready for the future. 

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